Interfaith Officers, Board, and Other Members

We are always looking for new board members. If you or someone you know are interested in joining us, please contact us for more information.

Officers and Directors for Interfaith of Topeka

Elected at the Annual Meeting—January 26, 2021


*President: Anne Flynn (Grace Episcopal Cathedral) (2020 & 2021) (2016)

*Vice-President: Russ Hultgren (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) (2020 & 2021) (2018)

*Secretary: Larry Dixon (Southern Hills Mennonite Church) (2021 & 2022) (2019)

*Treasurer: Kate Hamilton (The Bahai Faith Community of Topeka) (2021 & 2022) (2020)

*Past President:  Khalil Green (Islamic Center of Topeka/Sufi) (2014)

Notes: The bylaws require that the President and Vice-President are to be elected together and the Treasurer and Secretary are to be elected together with each pair being elected in alternate years. Officers are elected to two-year terms.


Board of Directors

Class of 2021

*Larry Dixon (Southern Hills Mennonite Church) (2019)

*Anne Flynn (Grace Episcopal Cathedral) (2016)

Jean Hazelwood (Pagan Tradition) (2019)

*Kathy Henry (First Church of Christ, Scientist) (2016)

*Rebecca Otte (PrairyErth Zen Center) (2019)

*Paul Porter (Unity Church of Christianity) (2019)

Class of 2022

*Kate Hamilton (The Bahai Faith Community of Topeka) (2020)

*Steve Henry (Susanna Wesley United Methodist Church) (2017) 

*Dan Kingman (Atheist Community of Topeka) (2017) (Dan is seeking a replacement from the Atheist Community)

3 Vacancies

Class of 2023

*Gwen Elliott (Highland Park United Methodist) (2021)

*Deidre Hazim (The Islamic Center of Topeka) (2021)

*Russ Hultgren (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) (2018)

*Claire Moore Eckankar Faith (2021)

*Stephanie Schuttera (Temple Beth Sholom) (2018)

*Christian Kramer (Standing Bear Intertribal Brotherhood )


Interfaith Representative to Community Action: Kathy Henry (First Church of Christ, Scientist)

 Notes: According to the bylaws, up to 18 directors may be elected to the Board with one third rotating off each year. At least nine of the Directors are to be members of faith communities with the balance being at-large members. No Board members may serve continuously for more than eight years.  A board member joining in 2021, becomes part of the class of 2023 serves for 2021, 2022, and 2023 and is replaced or resigned to new class January 2024.

An asterisk before someone’s name indicates that person is from a member faith community of Interfaith of Topeka.  The year after each person’s name is the year in which he or she began their most recent eight-year cycle of eligibility serving as a director on the Board.

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