April 2007 Minutes

Interfaith of Topeka Board Meeting Minutes
April 24, 2007
6:30 p.m. Gather at Topeka/Shawnee Public Library
7 p.m. Meeting Starts
Jackie Lakin
Interfaith of Topeka Mission
Interfaith of Topeka is comprised of people from a variety of faiths and religious traditions. We bring together individuals who are willing to put aside their prejudices and open their minds and hearts to new possibilities. We are willing to engage in the process of working together to build an active community, strong in its shared values of faith, compassion, human dignity, and mutual respect where the expression of love and peace replaces hate and violence.
Members (present at meeting X; absent at meeting left blank)
Don Anderson
David Beale
Joel Edwards
Bill Gitchell
Daljit Jawa
Christian Kramer
Jackie Lakin
Norbert Lickteig
C.R. Macchi
Jim Mosher
Deepak Parulkar
Jan Price
Sanford Pomeranz
Jerry Quiring
Jack Rardin
Karen Sessel
Ashraf Sufi
Phil Wilkes
Sallye Wilkinson
Joe Hendrixson–Class of 2007
Barbara Karnowski
Vacant Class of 2007
Vacant Class of 2009
Agenda Items
Key Points Discussed
Action or Follow-up
Opening Prayer
Action: Don Anderson conducted opening prayer
Addition of new business–
Bill Gitchell
Faith Sharing: Jack Rardin
Key Points DiscussedJack Rardin, IF board member representing Westminster Presbyterian introduced Rev. Scott Simpson who spoke about Presbyterian Church U.S.A. (does not have jurisdiction over Presbyterians in other countries). Over 2 million members and 11, 064 congregations in the U.S.A including Puerto Rico. He discussed What’s unique about P.C (U.S.A.)?
Based on reformed theology from 16th century Protestant Reformation and John Calvin. Believes in:
  • God’s supremacy
  • humanity—glorify & enjoy
Form of Presbyterian Government is based on:
  • Congregational Polity—local control
  • Episcopal Polity—has a bishop
  • Presbyterian Polity—from a Greek word Presbuteros meaning elder. The English durative is Presbyter signifying 1) Ministers of Word and Sacrament, and 2) Elders.
Organizational Structure shows unity and relationship
General Assembly—Mission and ministry world wide
Synod—a larger geographic area with 3 or more Presbyteries. Mission and ministry are represented and concentrate on connectiveness.
Presbytery—mission and ministry
Session—local church with ministers and elders
Scott Simpson describes himself as a teaching minister who holds sessions at Westminster.
Resources: Holy Bible, The Book of Confessions, and Book of Order 2004/2005
Approve March 27, 2007 Interfaith of Topeka Board Meeting Minutes
Action: Motion made to approve and accept minutes
Treasure’s Report—Phil Wilkes
o        Socially responsible growth fund
o        Telephone responsibilities
Key Points Discussed:
$1036.55 checking
$6945.40 total with two funds and checking
All outstanding bills are paid.
Action: Treasurer’s report received
Key points discussed on socially responsible growth funds: Sanford reported on PAX fund in terms of long term impact. He suggested we keep this fund in spite of its current low growth because it is a relative low risk fund that is socially responsible. Discussion from IF members reflected on these points and Phil shared he’d like to see stronger performance. Also, Phil shared that they are more than one time of PAX funds. IF had PAX World Growth Fund.
Ashraf sent an e-mail report on long term mutual funds. His report included two funds:
    1. Vanguard ftse social index fund (vftsx)
    2. Parnassus equity income (PRBLX)
Information included:
1. Vanguard ftse social index fund(vftsx).   It does not screen for nuclear power companies.
2. Parnassus equity income (PRBLX).  It avoids nuclear power but has positive screening for animal testing.
Action: Bill stated that we have reevaluated PAX fund and should leave it as it right now.  Sanford is going to continue researching this issue.   
Key points discussed on telephone responsibilities: Christian and Sanford are working to figure out phone message system. Has not been checked since November. Christian reported few phone calls are received. They will report out at the next meeting.   
Update on IF board issues—
Bill Gitchell
Key Points Discussed by Bill concerning external committee membership. Don Anderson has represented IF on Faith in Action and Unity Council/Global Village. He needs to step down. 
Faith In Action—first Tuesday of each month at First Christian Church. Meet with John McCullough. David Beale might attend.
Unity Council/Global Village—Table at Global Village might be manageable by IF board. Jack Rardin has worked previously and Jackie Lakin assisted him last year.
IF needs to replace Elaine Patton, former board member, who served on the United Way local Emergency Food and Shelter Program. Valeri Hysten from United Way shared they need a certain number of organizations represented to meet its requirements. They want to continue having IF membership. Bill will contact Valeri about United Way membership needs.
Bulletin Board—Don Jacobs
Follow-up: Don was not able to attending meeting but will report at May meeting on Bulletin Board progress.
Spirituality Events–All
Sallye—Check with Washburn on satellite conference—still working on resource details and timing.
Ashraf e-mailed the board about Dr. Ingrid Mattson presenting at an event.
Bill suggested no large conference but rather small meetings with local faith groups. American Shaolin Matthew Pollo was given as an example of a small event sponsored by the Topeka/Shawnee Public Library.
How big is spirituality—Bill noted dozens of people attended in the past due to large number of ministers involved who coordinated conferences with their church events. Spirituality conference is great but not drawing anyone to them. How does IF create more community involvement? Thanksgiving involves a congregation putting its best foot forward. Jerry asked Bill about an IF speakers’ bureau. As the meeting ended, the question about the meaning of spirituality needs to be an ongoing discussion.
Thanksgiving Programming—Jack Rardin
First meeting tonight prior to board meeting. 
Key Points Discussed:
  • Bountiful Earth program theme
  • November 18 is the date
  • Need to find a church
  • Need speakers with many faiths represented.
  • Need keynote speaker, musical groups (music Jim and Jack)
  • Need youth involvement such as Deepak provided last year.
Next meeting in May 22, 6 pm before May board meeting.
New Business
  • memberships
Action: Need to continue pursuing this need to increase membership
Next Meeting Date: May 22, 2007 at library
Faith Sharing: Barbara Karnowski
Family Federation for World Peace and Unification
Agenda items for next meeting:
Educational experience about not to fear what caused the founders of Interfaith to draw away from the group—earth based faith traditions raised concerns.
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