February 2007 Board Minutes

Interfaith of Topeka Board Meeting

February 27, 2007

6:30 p.m. Refreshments

7 p.m. Meeting Starts

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Topeka


Jackie Lakin

Interfaith of Topeka Mission

Interfaith of Topeka is comprised of people from a variety of faiths and religious traditions. We bring together individuals who are willing to put aside their prejudices and open their minds and hearts to new possibilities. We are willing to engage in the process of working together to build an active community, strong in its shared values of faith, compassion, human dignity, and mutual respect where the expression of love and peace replaces hate and violence.

Members (present at meeting X; absent at meeting left blank)

Don Anderson


David Beale


Joel Edwards


Bill Gitchell


Daljit Jawa


Christian Kramer

Jackie Lakin

Norbert Lickteig


C.R. Macchi


Jim Mosher


Deepak Parulkar


Jan Price

Sanford Pomeranz

Jerry Quiring


Jack Rardin


Karen Sessel


Ashraf Sufi


Phil Wilkes


Sallye Winkinson


Vacant Class of 2007


Vacant Class of 2007


Vacant Class of 2007


Vacant Class of 2009

Agenda Items
Key Points Discussed
Action or follow-up

Introduction of board members and officers & addition of new business–

Bill Gitchell

Action: Board moved and accepted Barbara Karnowski as member representing Class 09.

Follow-up: Jerry Quiring recommended Joe Hendrixson as a board member with further discussion to take place during March 27, 2007 board meeting.


Faith Sharing: Phil Wilkes–Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (an introductory DVD)

Key Points Discussed: Phil shared a DVD on LDS that included: History, Organization, Core Beliefs, Temple and Meeting Houses, Code of Health, and Humanitarian Services. He noted he is the great-great grandson of Brigham Young. Other resources were Beliefs About Families, 13 Articles of Faith, Brief History of the Church, and the Book of Mormon. His faith sharing was followed by question and answer session. Resources from his presentation are located at: http://www.lds.org/portal/site/LDSOrg


Bill Gitchell, new IF president, shares his future directions for the organization. 

  • Faith sharing
  • Committee assignments (Spirituality, Thanksgiving)
  • Meeting arrangements

Board members and guests are welcome to comment/make suggestions.

Key Points Discussed on Faith Sharing: Bill shared that the type of faith sharing with Phil is his idea of how this activity should be conducted. Faith sharing is what makes IF unique. He hopes to attract more members and visitors by publicizing faith sharing and having it take place at the beginning of each meeting.


Key Points Discussed on Committee Assignments: This is committee work taking place primarily within those groups. Brief progress reports would be given during board meetings. A sign up sheet was passed around to board members. A suggestion was made not to have a Spirituality Conference but instead attract well-known speakers for two or three events. Follow-up: Spirituality Conference Committee will continue this discussion and make a recommendation to the board.

Key Points Discussed on Meeting Arrangements: The public library appears to be a neutral meeting place. It might be difficult to rotate from faith group facilities in that members need to readily know where meetings are being held.

Approve November Board Meeting Minutes

Action: Minutes were accepted and approved.

Treasurer’s Report—Phil Wilkes

Key Points Discussed: $6,335.09 total assets in checking and funds. SBC fund had a gain of 4%; PAX World Growth Fund had a 2% loss.

Action: Treasurer’s report was accepted.


IF Website—Bill Gitchell, Jackie Lakin, Phil Wilkes

Electronic Bulletin Board—Don Jacobs, UUFT guest

Key Points Discussed: Bill Gitchell shared that he would like the website to become more interactive with the community. Also, he wants to make sure every faith group represented by IF has a link to its site. 


Don Jacobs proposed IF establish a forum or bulletin board for the purpose of fostering ongoing discussion to specific topics selected by the board. Discussion took place on how inappropriate remarks not relevant to the topic could be addressed and how guidelines need to be established.

  1. Don Jacobs, Jackie Lakin and other interested board members are pursing options/costs for establishing a bulletin board.
  2. Bill Gitchell will contact board members to make sure links to faith groups are accurate and in place.
New Business
Committee Appointments
  1. Faith in Action—1st Tuesday of the month, noon at First Christian Church
  2. Unity Council/Global Village—2nd Tuesday of each month, noon at Housing Authority

Key Points Discussed: Don Anderson has represented IF on Faith in Action and Unity Council/Global Village. He needs to step down. 


Follow-up: New representatives to be found

Next Meeting Date:
March 27, Topeka/Shawnee Public Library

Action: Faith sharing by Deepak Parulkar at March meeting; faith sharing by Jack Rardin at April board meeting.



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