October 2007 Minutes

Minutes Interfaith Board Meeting
First Congregational Church-UCC 17th and Collins, Topeka
October 23rd, 2007
6:00 pm
Faith Sharing: Meeting opened with prayer and Faith Sharing by Rev. Tobias Schlingensiepen.   He provided a sweeping review of the history of the Congregational-United Church of Christ. His discussion made clear the commitment of the Congregational-UUC church to tolerance and social development. 
Board Meeting: Started at 7:00 pm. Present were: Don Anderson, David Beale, Bill Gitchell, Christian Kramer, Jim Mosher, Father Norbert Licktieg, Jan Price, Sanford Pomerantz, Jerry Quiring, Ashraf Sufi, Phil Wilkes, Sallye Wilkinson, Joe Hendrixson. Also attending were Rev. Tobias Schlingensiepen and Rev. Kent Stone
Report was given to the board concerning the recovery of Jack Rardin. Jack was in an auto accident that, while not requiring surgery, severely limited his mobility. Jack’s guidance and vision for the development of the Thanksgiving service was felt throughout the Board Meeting. We wished him a speedy recovery.
The bulk of the meeting was dedicated to completing final planning for the Thanksgiving Service. The presence of the full Board at the site of the Service allowed for rapid clarification of outstanding issues. The support from First Congregational was exceptional as key members took the initiative to make sure the program would run smoothly.
Treasurers Report: $1,099.17 available in checking. Total from checking and invested funds $7,479.24 NexLynx fees paid to maintain website and Domain name for Interfaith.
Annual Meeting: The Islamic Center of Topeka has agreed to host the upcoming annual meeting.   Unity agreed to be a backup location.
Interfaith Education:
Bill Gitchell will contact Bill Wagnon from the Kansas Board of Education. The hope of the Board is that we can meet with Dr Wagnon on our February meeting. We would like to discuss the state of religious education in Kansas public schools. We would like to gain a better understanding of the possibilities and the challenges.
Dr Mattson Visit to Topeka: Dr Sufi reports that Dr Mattson, President of the Islamic Association of North America, will be able to come to Topeka in April 2008. We should be able to have an Interfaith Meeting with her as the keynote speaker mid afternoon on Saturday or Sunday of her visit. The topic suggested for her address was “Trends in Islam”. Dr Sufi will be asking Interfaith to assist in the development of the public program and will report back to us concerning exact dates.
December Meeting: Request made to find location for Board Meeting December 18th or January 8th. Bill Gitchell will check on Library room availability and report back.
Faith Sharing next meeting will be by Christian Kramer.
Next meeting 6:45pm Topeka/Shawnee Library.
Submitted for approval by Wm Gitchell
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